KISSWIN.DE Career seminars

KISSWIN offers three seminars to support planning and implementation of your academic career. All seminars offer an overview of possible career paths, types of funding, as well as personal experience reports. 


The modules' topics are interactivly chosen and prioritised according to individual requirements by the participants. We gladly aligne every seminar according to your individual requirements. Please let us know whether you need any particular information, i.e. on funding opportunities. We also integrate participants' questions directed to us beforehand

Seminar for Doctoral Students

The one-day seminar covers the stage between having completed a course of studies and commencing a doctorate and is targeted equally at graduates as at those in the early phase of completing a doctorat

  • Different routes to completing a doctorate (Teaching posts/institutes, business/industry, non-university research institutes, grants, degree from a university of applied sciences, graduate schools)  
  • Making a decision for/against completing a doctorate
  • Planning for and completing a doctorate
  • Sources of finance

Post-doctoral Seminar

The one-day Post-doctoral Seminar provides guidance on bridging the gap between completing a doctorate and taking up post-doctoral work and is targeted at doctoral students in the final stages of completing their doctorate as well as those who have already been awarded their doctoral degrees.


  • Different routes to finding post-doctoral work
  • Different routes to being appointed a professor at a university
  • Routes to becoming a professor at a university of applied sciences
  • Associated issues (applying for external funds, project management) 
  • Job specifications and sources of financing

HTBP Seminar

How to become a professor? - This two-part seminar offers highly qualified junior academics intensive support in pursuing their aim of securing a post as a professor at a university in Germany.

  • 1st weekend: Strategy and planning
  • Planning and models of academic careers
  • Devising individualised, subject-specific career strategies
  • 2nd weekend: Application and appointment
  • Devising individualised, successful application strategies
  • Making your mark Preparation for, and course of, the appointment procedure
  • Preparing to negotiate for your appointment successfully and the new position


Access to our seminars can only be provided  for a fee.The seminars are provided and will be charged in cooperation with Nets'n'Clouds GmbH.