Information on research funding


ELFI is an information brokerage system for young researchers in Germany. It delivers up-to-date information on funding opportunities referring to the original data source. The ELFI-database includes all relevant information on research funding, e.g. grants, scholarships,  awards, and all other kinds of funding that contribute to support scientists to finance their projects. ELFI offers information on more than 6.800 programs on research funding and about 3.200 national and international sponsors. In addition, all major databases with funding information (e.g. Cordis by EU) were evaluated by ELFI. The information on the various funding opportunities is provided for students, scientists and consultants all for German-speaking countries. Special support programs for students are provided by a separated database of ELFI.

Access to ELFI services

Many research institutions, universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are allowed to use the database. If you are not authorized to access, there is the possibility of a sample access. More information about the ELFI services can be found here.