Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

The Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (DSG NRW) applies to some of your given data. We consider this respectively. The institution in charge appointed an expert and reliable data protection official.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

You can use our website without revealing your identity. With sending any information (e.g. contact forms, profiles) you give your consent that we process these information for our own business purposes (e.g. sending of requested information, processing for market research).
With every access to this website the following data will be processed exclusively for statistical purposes, whereas the identity of the user is being kept anonymously:

  • the name of the file requested,
  • the date and time of the request,
  • the amount of data transferred,
  • IP address

We will not give any stored data to third parties neither for commercial nor non-commercial purposes.

Responsibility for own contents

KISSWIN.de makes every effort to ensure that the material contained in its website is up to date, complete and correct. However, errors and mistakes may occur and cannot be completely excluded.

As a service provider, we are responsible for our own contents on this website according to § 7 I TMG. KISSWIN.de does not accept liability for the relevance, accuracy or completeness of the information and material offered in its website unless the error was caused intentionally or through gross negligence. This refers to any possible damage of material or non-material kind of third parties, which were caused by use of this website.

Liability for forum and network

The provided forum and network system works in real-time mode. Thus, KISSWIN.de is not able to practise immediate control over new contributions.
KISSWIN.de does not accept liability/responsibility for the content, correctness and kind of postings, messages or articles by third parties. All authors themselves are reliable for their contributions.
Herewith KISSWIN.de particularly forbids contributions of racist, pornographic, inhuman, personally offensive or discriminatory kind and those violating moral principles and will make every effort to remove such immediately.
Users violating these rules will be expelled from the forum/network immediately.

Responsibility of the user

KISSWIN.de controls any links and contents at regular intervals. However, users themselves are responsible for the contents they publishe on the website. When using the contents and services of the KISSWIN.de community, the user has to mind and respect the applicable laws as well as third party laws. The user is particularly forbidden to

  • use contents which are offensive, defamatory, pornographic, and violating moral principles or legal protection for children and young persons or to advertise, offer or sell any products which are pornographic or violating legal protection for children and young persons.
  • bother other users unreasonably (particularly by spam) (cp. § 7 Law Against Unfair Competition)
  • use registered contents (e.g. copyright, trademark right, patent right, industrial design right) without being entitled to do so or to advertise, offer or sell registered goods or services
  • practise or promote anti-competitive acts, including progressive acquisition of customers

The user is entitled to change forum entries 24 hours after creating them.
Registered users can inform the hosts of incorrect and offensive contents.
Registered users have the opportunity to evaluate contributions.
The user assures that all of the data given in the KISSWIN.de forum meet the truth.

Responsibility for links (external contents)

Some hyperlinks of this website are linked at contents which are not stored on the servers operated by us. We do not have any influence on these contents; in every case the respective provider or operator of these linked websites is responsible for the content.


The Layout of the homepage, graphics and pictures used and the collection of individual contributions are protected by copyright.
KISSWIN.de reserves all rights, including the rights of photomechanical reproduction, the duplication and distribution via special processes (e.g. data processing, data carriers, data networks).

Any Questions?

If you have any questions concerning the procession of your personal data, please contact KISSWIN (editorial office): here
In cases of doubt please do not hesitate to contact the data protection official of the RWTH Aachen: here 

Legal validity

This general disclaimer is part of the material offered on KISSWIN.de. If any of the terms and conditions should be determined invalid by reason of the relevant laws then the remaining terms and conditions are unaffected.