The project

The project KISSWIN is an online communication and information platform for young researchers. KISSWIN cooperates with numerous partners from the education, consultancy and media sector. More information concerning KISSWIN partners and cooperations can be found here.

The objectives:

KISSWIN aims at:

  • making the German research funding system as well as career opportunities transparent
  • employees interested in graduate studies
  • awakening curiosity about research in Germany
  • encouraging and support students interested in research to find their own way within the world of science

The service:

To provide information, promotion and advice for young researchers, offers the following free services:

  • our experts answer questions concerning a scientific career, either in written form or on the phone
  • workshops dealing with career topics
  • job databases as well as databases providing information on funding opportunities and funding organisations
  • current news, announcements and events concerning scientific career paths, funding opportunities and funding organisations
  • community and forum

The Team


Daniela Janßen
Project Management


Anja Richert
Managing Director & Marketing


Rene Vossen
Managing Director & Marketing 


Esther Borowski
Research Group Leader


Matthias Löbach
Technical Management